like I said in the first part i have been on Copenhagen specs and to cover that fair good as possible I will show you photos from different producers


Cristophter Cloos scandinavian eyewear Optikerinn
Christopher Cloos
Monkeyglasse Optikerinn
Kering Optikerinn
At the booth with Kering eyewear


gucci Keing eyewear Optikerinn
Gucci at the Kering eyewear booth

from the creators of Vinylize comse  a concept brand Cinematiq

cinematiq eyewear optikerinn
Cinematiq eyewear
antonio Baderas Optikerinn limited edition
Limited edition for Antonio Banderas

there is no show without visiting the danish brand Monoqool where “Fahion meets technology”. These 3D printed product have the style and the great comfort in very light eyewear.

Monowool Optikerinn
monoqool fashion meets thechnology optikerinn
Monoqool optikerinn

the Carlottas Villages brand is amazing

Carlottas Village Optikerinn
Staal from Carlottas Villages
FRST PRNT Optikerinn
Carlottas Villages
Carlottas Villages



of course i had to stop at the Kilsgaard eyewear booth to find red glasses to me.

Kilsgaard Eyewear Optikerinn
Kilsgaard Eyewear and the man with the red glasses

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