I have been so lucky to get one frame from Falvin Eyewear called Orbit. The frame is handmade in Japan ?? of pure titanium and plated with Palladium. This frame is from the 2017 collection.

Orbit farlvin Eyewear Optikerinn
Orbit from Falvin loaned from instagram https://www.instagram.com/falvineyewear

Mine is blue and Palladium and to choose the right lenses, my first choice was Rodenstock. The new colors from Rodenstock have many great choices and fits the frame colors great. So look for this folder at your optician.

The beuty of colours Rodenstock Optikerinn
The Beauty of colours

My 2 choices were between the Colormagic IQ Sun Fashion gray with the Silver Moon mirror or the new color Dark Blue 80-45% with Sky Blue 2 mirror.

My new glasses came like this.

Rodenstock Optikerinn the beauty of colours
Impression FreeSign 3 unglazed

And together they look like this

Orbit farlvin Eyewear Optikerinn Rodenstock FreeSign 3
Falvin and Rodenstock

And after glazing and mounting this is how they look ?.

Orbit falvin Eyewear Optikerinn
Orbit by Falvin Eyewear

And the difference between the glasses with or without lenses is stunning.

Orbit By Falvin Eyewear Optikerinn
Orbit without lenses
Orbit Falvin Eyewear Optikerinn Rodenstock sky blue mirror
Orbit with DarkBlue 80-45% and Sky Blue Mirror

to know more about thous fabulous chooses go to the websites:

www.falvineyewear.com / www.falvin.dk / www.instagram.com/falvineyewear

www.rodenstock,com and www.rodenstock.com/com/en/lenses/sunglasses.html


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