At a small fair here in Denmark, I got a frame from Porsche design. All titanium frame named P’8273.

P'8273. Porsche desing eyewear

To make the perfect pair of glasses ?, I choose Rodenstock Impression Freesign lenses, where I could choose all the design my self, by choosing between 3 different areas. That is distance, middle and near. I chose 57/32/10 so I get glasses that are good for an active lifestyle with huge distance area, good middle area and the reading area is the smallest.

P'8273. Porsche desing eyewear
P’8273 Porsche desing eyewear

To be more precise I use design dot near at -16 mm. and design dot distance at -1,2 mm. For those who know Rodenstock glasses or want to see what that looks like in the Rodenstock FreeSign Consultant Programme.

impression freesign 3 Rodenstock
impression FreeSign unglazed lenses

That was not enough, to be a little more different I chose to color the lenses with 15% blue color to match the gray blue color of the frame.

And the final result is a very good glasses for driving and outdoor activity. The reading zone could have been better and I recommend to choose a bigger reading area on the cost of the middle area.

P'8273. Porsche desing eyewear Rodenstock
P’8273. Porsche design eye-wear with blue tint impression FreeSign

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