I have been on a trip to Budapest, with a group of opticians from Denmark, to learn about production of contact lenses. CooperVision has Centre of Innovations placed at their factory in Budapest, where you can see the highly advanced and effective factory, fully equipped test rooms and a conference hall.

At the factory
The factory

To see the making of the Clariti lens from CooperVision was a eye opener for me. To see how much work and time goes into making one pair of lenses is amazing, and you don’t realise that when you hold these small objects in the palm of your hands.

The clean factory is highly protected against any contamination as the following picture shows

Me ready for visiting the factory

The factory is so clean that there is no makeup or shorts policy and any beard or other hairy places need to be covered with nets or clothing. This is an every day dress for the workers at the factory.

The Clariti lens is a molded lens. That means the lens material is injected into plastic mould that has two sides one female and one male and these molds are also made at the factory, because you can’t buy a lens moulding kits in the store.

The to molds
male moulds against female moulds

Then after moulds are filled they need to be dried in specially made oven. That takes time and after that, the lenses can be stored for days in the mould at a dry place.

When that particular dioptri is than needed they can begin wetting the lenses and make ready product in few days, so very flexible method to control the stock.

CooperVision Centre of Innovation

After wetting process, that actually takes few days, the lenses are ready for the blisters, that you see them in when you get your lenses.

At this time it’s still a manually done process and every lens is put carefully in every blister packs, then closed and the package get a laser marked lid with the product day and information about the product.

Clariti Toric blister packs

Then we have almost a ready product in our hands. The next step is to put the lenses through disinfection process and then in the right consumer package

Ask your optician about Clariti one day contact lenses because they come in 3 different types in big variety.

Spherical, Toric and Multifocal

If you need more information and help, visit CooperVision website.


Cooper Vision Centre of innovation
CooperVision Centre of Innovation

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