Last weekend I was on a small eyewear fair in Denmark and I want to show you the results. All the nice eyewear and some of the great people I met.

Us that love ❤️ Kilsgaard eyewear

Me & Mr. William Morris

There were loads of frames there and to go through them all is not possible here but I visited few as I took some photos
Etnia Barcelona was the first frame producer I visited
Etnia Barcelona eyewear

Etnia Barcelona eyewear

Etnia Barcelona eyewear

Etnia Barcelona eyewear

Etnia Barcelona eyewear

Great design with there metal frames that they  produce with the great color combinations as in there acetates.
The next one was Kilsgaard eyewear
They’re proceeding with their aluminum frames that have new thinner design and new bulky acetate design.
The Mark Shiny Thunder

I love the way the collection is growing and evolving and looking forward to show you more pictures of the new order that I made from Nikolai.
Us that love ❤️ Kilsgaard eyewear

And I went further to the next stop there I met a man named Robert William Morris and he showed me all the new frames and all the new things that are coming from William Morris of London.
William Morris of London

William Morris of London

20th anniversary frame

Me & Mr. Robert William Morris

Love the new frames from him and the combination of acetate and metal frames and this thin metal frame that he’s wearing.
Than I got my eyes ? on the frame design that is more known for the cars ? they make than the glasses ?.
Porsche Design

Porsche design

Yes it’s the Porsche design of eyewear.  This classic design, is one of the most elegant and stylish eyewear brand I know, with the german way of design. Where you get classic design with small but vital changes in form of front or henges so you can see that this is inspired from the car design.
This was what I have for this time and will come back with more later this month and of course looking forward to write about Silmo Paris the 50th Anniversary.

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