I have now known this brand for over 10 years but the firm has been producing frames for 20 years and every time they come out with some new frames there is a reason to go shopping. This time it’s not different, go out there and ask for the new design from Ørgeen
These pure titanium frames handmade in Japan are one of a kind because of the pioneering design and always pushing forward in design and finish.
Just look at those photos it´s simple I could choose more than one of them to wear.

ROOK 768



And if they look all the same color you don’t  have to worry look at the colors here



Of course there is some innovative design like this one here on top and the one in the middle that have stone-effect surface patterns.

Ørgreen Taurus
To find out more go to the website www.orgreenoptics.com

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  1. Nice presentation of good looking frames. I like the one on the second portrait-picture a lot! Panto-like with a modern twist. Do you remember the color of do you know perhaps the color-number? Black? Grey? Dark blue? Thanks!

    1. Hi Optiker
      Thanks for your fast reply! I will try this frame soon in a local optical shop.
      Lots of succes with your blog!

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