My first time at Silmo!
I knew Silmo was and is a huge trade show and I have been waiting to get the chance to visit Silmo. Now at the 2016 show I got the chance and what a experience it was. 
After finding my way from Copenhagen, with my 2 colleagues on Friday evening to Paris, already seeing lots of photos and statements on the social media, because Silmo starts at 9:00 Friday morning. I started my trip to Paris Nord Villepinte in the subway and train.

saturday morning
Paris Nord Villepinte center encompasses 115 hectares and has 246,000 m2 of convention space in eight halls. Silmo uses 2 off them number 5&6 
hall 6 at the balcony

This photo shows 1/4 off all the huge area that is used by Silmo 
And then the fun begins walking from booth to booth and seeing, experience and try on lots of frames.
First stop was at 
Oliver Goldsmith 90 years

Oliver Goldsmith spectacles to see the collectors item he has put on the market, to celebrate 90 years of making spectacles. He made only 90 pieces of the president frame with metal inlays coded with 24k gold and numbered. Something that will be a hot thing, after few years, on eBay 
The next stop was at Carlotta’s village booth.

There I got the chance to see these 3D printed one piece titanium sunglasses and available as optical frame as well. Nice shape and withe a clever design on the frame there is no need for hinges and the frame fits good and is comfortable. 
Next stop was at the Booth and Bruce stand where we met with Peter 

Where he showed us the entire collection from Booth and Bruce and the new releases like the stainless steel frame we are both wearing at the picture. Nice collection super good fitting all the frames I tried on just fitted and was comfortable and the price is remarkable good for so good quality.

SALT is a frame company that knows how to make frames. I was impressed by the finished touch of the frames. That gives the good feeling of the frame from the first second you pick it op and holds it in the hand.

The next step was the Danish designer Falvin eyewear that gives the experience from goldsmith work to a fine usefull frames. This designer gives you unique way of use your glasses as a part of your jewelry with diamonds and gold finshes and the unique way of glazing the lenses to fit the facets of the frame.
Kirk&Kirk was the next try on and with this colorful collection they stick out 

On this brown frame it’s doesn’t show how colorful the collection is but just wait. This part of the collection is colorful and transparent. All the frames fits good and are comfortable. And see how cool red glasses I found 

And that’s not all the other part of the collection is the cool animals pins where the costumer can choose from several different animals as well as silver or gold pin and here I am with Ram head pin in silver on blue glasses  
Good design and cool effects in that collection 
But than it’s Tim for us to visit Kilsgaard eyewear that is one of my favorite frames 
One half of the collection is made of aluminum with titanium templates or acetate templates 
Me and Jacob Kilsgaard

And the other half of the collection is made out of acetate where you can choose from with or without nose pads 
just me

Great design where there is no visual logos on the frames on the outside but inside you can see the logo that is made with 24k gold on the acetates 
Thanks to all the people I met and inspired me and all you go on with your work so we can enjoy many years of Silmo further in the future 
With best regards Kristinn 

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