If you are young and have glasses or need refractive correction. You don’t have to use just glasses there is this alternative named contact lenses, this is a easy way and often a nice thing to have, like on a rainy day or you participate in sport activity like football or soccer, where the glasses can been torn of or hit with ball and brake, even though sometimes there is story’s about wearing glasses have saved the eye from injury. Go to your optometrist and just ask, is it possible for you to get contact lenses?
The biggest breakthrough in contact lenses is for the 40+ age, where there are new lenses that are progressive. You can see clear at a distant, and the long arms are not necessary any more and you can read and use computer without straining your eyes. Clariti multifocal from www.sauflon.co.uk is a great lens that I have used with great results and is available as a daily wear or as a reusable sphere lens. With it’s possibilities of low or high addition it fits most people. The other method of making people of the age 40+ see far and close up is to make the dominant eye see far and the other see close by adding plus to that eye that fits the clients addition. This method is called mono vision and have been used for many years because the progressive lenses are a fairly new thing on the marked,
This is easy to do, first find the dominant eye by using the sensor dominant by having SBV on both eyes and setting plus 1,50 D lens in front of one eye at a time and let the client tell which pictures are slightly better than the other and the eye that doesn’t have the lens in front of it, when the client say this is better, is the sensor dominant eye. This method is a good start with all type of contact lenses, progressive or not because sometimes you would like to boost up the non dominant eye with little plus or with high addition to help the client to read without having to affect of vision far away . Mono vision is good for those that have toric lenses, where there are just few toric progressive lenses on the market like Proclear toric multifocal from www.coopervision.com . But this way has one flaw, that is the brain uses the two eyes to judge distances, so the badminton player shouldn’t use this method and if you want to see a 3D movie it wouldn’t be a good idea, but they’re safe to use while driving and don’t damage the eyes. The progressives allow the brain to keep both eyes on the object and that gives a better reading experience, and the distance judgement is better and works with 3D films as well . So go to your optometrist and ask about these new ways of seeing things without glasses. But remember this is an alternative that don’t release you from glasses you have to use your glasses whenever you are sick or in the evening when you have taken the lenses out before you go to bed.

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