I said I would take the subject of choosing the right colour to the right frame shape and here comes that chapter.
If you are light skin coloured and your hair is blond you should choose light coloured frames so you wouldn’t be like a walking glasses.
If you want to use black or dark coloured frames you can as a statement glasses just make sure that your eyes will not be hidden behind your glasses and get a good eye contact through the frame. Not just to your self in the mirror but also to the salesperson.
Take metal frames, they are not as dominant on the face as acetate frames and take dark brown frames instead of black, they are less dominant.
But if you are light skin and dark haired. You can choose dark coloured frames and you have more to choose from but just remember eye contact.
But to get statement frames for you take white frames they make the contrast to the dark hair.
If you are dark skinned then you can choose dark or black frames and try to skip the light coloured frames. As the other types you are able to make statement with light colours that stick out from your natural dark look.
I hope this will help you to choose the right colour. I haven’t talked about other than, dark or light, black and white, because there is always the fashion colour of the year or the season, or your own favourite colour. So just choose your colour but take light or dark to fit your skin and hair tone.
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